All that jazz…?

Here you will find additional information to the workshop All that jazz…? first held at PeVoc Copenhagen in 2019.

Examples of jazz inspired musicals:

  • Thoroughly Modern Mille
  • City of Angels
  • Chicago
  • Lippa´s Wild Party
  • Much of Jason Robert Browns work
  • Some of Stephen Sondheims work
  • Anything from the Golden Age by Gershwin, Porter, Bernstein etc.

This is not a complete list, just a way to get you started. There are often jazz inspired tunes in shows that are mainly in another style, as well.


The full presentation:

All that jazz-PDF 

- please do not use or reproduce any of the presentations content without asking me first. Sharing is caring, but so is giving credit. Thank you.   


Sepctrogram - view of MT and jazz voice production, alternate frases are MT and jazz

spectrocram screenshot MT vs jazz voice production